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Check Out The Original 1992 Demo Of OPETH's "Black Rose Immortal"

It's way shorter.

Young Åkerfeldt

Opeth, 1992. The band was still solidifying its lineup with now-frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt taking the mic from David Isberg, and were still three years out from releasing their debut album Orchid. One demo from that year of particular interest is "Whispers Of Golgotha," which was the genesis of Opeth's massive 20-plus minute epic "Black Rose Immortal" from the 1996 album Morningrise. It's pretty cool to hear the track four years prior to its release, and in such an embryonic (and much shorter) version!

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The lineup for "Whispers Of Golgotha" was of course Åkerfeldt, Peter Lindgren on guitar (who would stay with the band until 2007), and drummer Anders Nordin (who would leave in 1997). It's especially fun to revisit this demo now that "Black Rose Immortal" has finally been played live all these years later.

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