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AVERSIONS CROWN's New Song "Ophiophagy" Isn't About Eating Snakes, But It's Still Heavy

New album in January!

New album in January!

What is it about Australian metal bands that make them all go for the throat with every single song? Is it the climate? The fact that the whole country is perpetually trying to kill its inhabitants? Either way, Aversions Crown is from Australia, therefor Aversions Crown is heavy and generally groovy.

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Aversions Crown will be releasing Xenocide on January 20 via Nuclear Blast, and the new track "Ophiophagy" is a prime example of what we were just talking about. The song has varying levels of pissed off heaviness, none of which calm down for even a second. it's also worth mentioning that "Ophiophagy" is Greek for "snake eater," and appears a lot in various world mythologies.

Pre-order Xenocide here.

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