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A/V Roundup: TENACIOUS D Skit, New Music from KREATOR, SHADOWS FALL, HAVOK; Album Stream from 7 HORNS 7 EYES, REFUSED Secret Show Video

Posted by on April 26, 2012 at 10:03 am

Holy shit, it's Thursday already? Fuck yes! The weekend is just around the corner. Let's get this party started with some new tunes:

First up, check out this pretty funny promo clip for Tenacious D's upcoming comeback album, Rize of the Fenix. It's an educational tale of the woes of tinnitus and how the band's new album can help people overcome it. The clip has cameos from Rudy Sarzo (former bassist for Ozzy, Quiet Riot and others) and Bob Odenkirk. The D's album comes out May 15th.

Ok, enough jokes, let's get to some thrashing! This new Kreator track absolutely rips. It's the title track from their new album, Phantom Antichrist, which is out June 5th on Nuclear Blast Records. I dare you not to band your head.

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Our brostafas at MetalSucks have premiered the opening track from Shadows Fall upcoming new album, Fire From The Sky. The track, titled "The Unknown," features some really great guitar work, and Adam D's production is always pitch perfect.

Two different websites posted the new 7 Thorns 7 Eyes album (those sites are Thrash Hits and No Clean Singing), but the important thing is you should listen to this awesomeness. Throes of Absolution is out now.

New thrash band Havok have covered maybe my favorite Sepultura song, Arise. Ok, second favorite after the obvious "Refuse, Resist".

Have you read Frank's review of the secret Refused show? If not, go do that and then watch this bootleg of the entire show (warning: not the best sound)

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