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AURA NOIR Is Out To Die!

For me personally, Aura Noir is that band I always go back to and rock out in any circumstance or mood. In fact I probably have listened to them in literally every situation imaginable including weddings and funerals. In the past several years this band has not only solidified a spot as one of my favorites, but they're also the ONLY band I've ever spent more than $100 USD on a limited edition vinyl pressing shipped to my house from the dark nether regions of a local record shoppe in Norway. Yes I actually paid for music, they're that fucking awesome. So what's new with this awesome super group most of 'merica hasn't caught on to yet? They made more awesome music is what!

Aura Noir (self proclaimed as "The Ugliest Band In The World") just released a new streaming track titled Abbadon off their upcoming LP Out To Die to be released on 3/23/12. It's everything you've come to expect from the AN camp including unpolished takes, no drum quantizing, no cheap guitar hooks, unapologetically disgusting vocals, and 100% organic blackened thrash from the pits of Norway. I was lucky enough to catch this band on their first ever US tour last year and I had a total blast. Hopefully we'll see round two once this LP drops, till then check out the new track already!

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