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AS I LAY DYING Members Are Working On New Music Without Tim Lambesis

Posted by on April 4, 2014 at 9:54 pm

Talk about late breaking news. I just quickly checked my Instagram page to find that all the members of As I Lay Dying who have not been found guilty of solicitation of murder posted 15 second previews of a new track, with a vocalist who is definitely NOT Tim Lambesis.

The band have been hinting at their future as early as January, and as recently as last week and today we get the first official tease. Here are the teasers each band member posted.

Guitarist Nick Hipa went first:

Followed by fellow guitarist, Phil Sgrasso

…and then drummer Jordan Mancino:

Followed by bassist Josh Gilbert:

None of the videos contain captions. So who is the vocalist?

You'll notice each member's respective video features the musician playing their instrument in the background, except for Josh Gilbert. For Josh's video, you see the back of somebody's head, as they cup their headphones while presumably singing. This, coupled with fan comments in the video lead me to believe that Gilbert is taking over for vocals. He was already relegated to back-up vocal duties before the Tim fiasco.

Will the band keep the name As I Lay Dying or will they change it to something without the stigma of Lambesis' recent errors in judgement? I'm sure we will find out soon enough.

[h/t MetalSucks]

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