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All-Bass Band EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT Peels Away "Layers Of My Flesh"

All about that bass.

All about that bass.

If you're not aware of Extinction Level Event just yet, that's quite alright! We're here to get you up to speed on their all-bass brand of heaviness! Yes, all basses. No guitarist. it's like Meghan Trainor but way less annoying. Why not check out the group's newest effort "Layers of My Flesh" from their upcoming debut release? It's got the band's so-far signature rhythmic heaviness, but there's a lot of cool lead stuff going on in there too. The extra dynamic really puts this song over the top into a different category of awesome. Ready?

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Oh, you're still here. You should probably go spend more of your time listening to other Extinction Level Event songs. Is it time for their album or EP or whatever to drop yet? I need it. We all need it.

if this teaser is to be believed, the release will be called The Catalyst and here's a teaser for it!

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