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30-Second Samples of Every LOUTALLICA Song Surface

Lou Reed and Metallica are being very coy and selective when it comes to releasing new music from their highly-anticipated disaster, Lulu, but today they have released a 30 second snippet of each track on the record. Is it bad? Yes. Atrocious? Maybe not. It's bad… but not St. Anger bad. Take a listen for yourself:

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Obviously, it's hard to place judgement on anything we only hear a short snippet of, but the only track that actually sounds like a structured song and not like an old man rambling over past-their-prime musicians is "Iced Honey." Everything else sounds meh. I'm still interested in hearing the whole album, if nothing else to see if there are amazing soundbites like "I am the table." I'll get my chance when the album comes out on November 1st.

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