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This Nu-Metal SUICIDE SQUAD Parody Trailer Has Comic Fans Pissed!

The Suicide Squad don't listen to Cold do they?

The Suicide Squad don't listen to Cold do they?

So, Comic Con was last weekend and one of the big reveals was the Suicide Squad film trailer, featuring anti-heros like the Joker and Harley Quinn. The fine folks at Nerdist decided to pull a HUGE troll on everybody, and during the weekend they uploaded the following under the label "SUICIDE SQUAD OFFICIAL Movie Trailer – Comic Con 2015"

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When fans clicked, they did not see Jared Leto or Will Smith. They saw a bunch of nu-metal tributes (and one Juggalo to be fair).

Fans were outraged, calling the video click bait. If we're being fair, this is the most literal example of click bait… promising something and delivering something completely different. But it's still hilarious.

…why did you do that? …I thought this was an actual trailer…APRIL FOOLS DAY WAS 3 MONTHS AGO GUYS!!!!!

* :D *<----My Face when I saw the video in Subscription. * :'( *<----My Face after watching the video......not cool..

are you guys fucking kidding me? there is so much hype right now and you guys come up with this shit ? bad time for uploading this crap

Eventually, they changed the title to "un-official" trailer and now all those comments seem very out of context.

HAHA FOOLED YOU, somebody is thinking.

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Meanwhile, here is the actual trailer:

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