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Somebody Is Giving DANZIG Money To Make A Movie About His Erotica Comic

Posted by on August 9, 2018 at 5:04 pm

Oh my god, Danzig is making a movie! I mean, anybody can make a movie, right? But somebody is actually paying Danzig to make a movie. That somebody is Cleopatra Entertainment, a division of the LA indie label Cleopatra Records.

According to the press release "Danzig will pen, direct and compose music for the feature film which will be structured as an anthology splitting its running time between three individual characters/storylines based on Danzig's own popular Verotik comic book characters."

While I'm not familiar with this erotic comic book, MetalSucks' Emperor Rhombus describes it as "a bunch of unnecessary fake tit shots and depictions of women with eyes for nipples, all of which made Lady Death read like Dickens," so we're talking the highest brow of cinema.

Principal photography begins this fall. I can't imagine the film will be very high budget, which is to say I look forward to getting incredibly high and watching it when it's done. Maybe Danzig can get some advice from his good friend and filmmaker Rob Zombie.

To celebrate, Danzig posed for a lovely photo with Cleopatra owner and CEO Brian Perera – and look at these two party animals:

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