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Actor Luke Perry Cites MEGADETH's Dave Mustaine As An Influence For A Film Role

Luke Perry seriously admires Mustaine's lifework.

Luke Perry seriously admires Mustaine's lifework.

In 2014, Luke Perry starred in the British comedy-drama film The Beat Beneath My Feet. In the film, Perry plays a washed up musician who faked his own death and fled to London, masquerading as a loner. I didn't see it because I see approximately three movies per year, but now I want to because Perry told The Independent that he based his character off Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine! I'll withhold any snarky comments and let all y'all have at it below. According to Perry:

"I thought about the gentleman from Megadeth — Dave Mustaine. He was a guy who had a lot of trouble in his life because of different issues. He got asked to leave one band and started up his own band. Something happened to his arm and he was challenged physically to play the guitar. I thought, 'There's something inside that guy that really drives him to overcome all those things and find his way back to making music'. So I wondered about that a lot when thinking about the challenges he had to overcome, so there may have been part of where that came from."

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Perry does have a point- Mustaine didn't just become an overnight rockstar without his fair share of issues, and for that we will always commend him! Seriously, as much fun as it is to take jabs at the dude over the Internet, he's undeniably talented and determined. I also hope Perry walks around in the film making as many Megadeth references as humanly possible. Here's the trailer, which contains zero 'Deth jokes.

Good thing he just wanted to get laid as a kid or else he'd never have picked up the guitar in the first place!

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