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Yearbook Photos Prove That Rock Stars Were Once Dorks Too!

Everybody thinks their favorite rock star is one of the coolest motherfuckers alive. They weren't always that way, because at one point, they went to high school. Which means they were forced to take the dreaded yearbook photo, so that all these years later some asshole can dig up the photo and say "See, this guy used to be a nerd." Looks like Axl Rosenberg of MetalSucks is that asshole as he compiled a fantastic list of 50 Metal and Hard Rock musician yearbook photos. The whole list is awesome, but here are my picks for dorkiest…

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Up above, at the top of the post is Dimebag Darrell, who even in high school manages to look cool.

The same cannot be said for Stone Temple Pilots/Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland. What's with the hair, brah?

Before Danzig wouldn't move his motherfuckin' bricks from his motherfuckin' property, he too was A DORK in Jersey.

Corey Taylor is currently one of the calm, cool, collective figureheads of the rock world, wearing fedoras and such, but in high school, he was as much a metal dork as you and I…

Is this Kirk Hammett or the young latina girl from down the street?

Finally, my favorite photo in the collection, Trent FN Reznor…

Let this be a lesson to all you young metal nerds in high school right now, eventually, those zits will go away, you will figure out the best haircut for your face and you'll get some better clothes. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Head over to MetalSucks to see the full, hilarious collection.

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