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Watch This Drummer Bang Out SLIPKNOT's "Eyeless" With One Hand

This is just insane—and yes, that is a Coke in his other hand!

Slipknot One Hand

We're all friends here, so I'm going to be blunt: There is some crazy shit on the internet. Wanna see a platypus lip-synching "Raining Blood?" The internet has got that. Want to hear a death metal version of "Like A Virgin?" Yep, the internet has got that, too. And, now, I'm awed to even say, the internet has this: El Estepario Siberiano — literally a human drum machine who posts insane videos to his YouTube and TikTok accounts.

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Recently, Siberiano was dared by a viewer to play Slipknot's "Eyeless" from their 1999 debut LP using only one hand. "Play 'Eyeless' by Slipknot with ONE HAND if you're a man?" is how Siberiano addresses the clip in the intro. "Now that request right there, that's crazy talk son. I'm 99% sure it can't be done, but we're going to find out, so let's go."

I have to be honest: I don't really believe what I'm seeing here. But like I said earlier, Siberiano is a human drum machine, and shit is crazy on the internet!

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