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Watch Eddie Van Halen Run MTV Through His Home Studio In 1998

Not a racquetball court, as he had the city inspector believe.

MTV Classic is reliving the time Eddie Van Halen walked them through his 5150 home studio back in 1998. Van Halen tells the MTV interviewer he had to convince the city inspector that he was actually building a racquetball court, as having his own home studio was illegal.

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Eddie Van Halen passed away on October 6 after a lengthy battle with cancer. The tributes are already pouring in from all over the rock and metal world. See the ones we've collected here. The best one so far, is a fan turning a local New York City train stop into "Van Halen Ave."

Footage surfaced of Eddie's solo SNL performance earlier today. You gotta see it, in addition to this 10 great Eddie clips we found on the internet.

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