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True Detective Used An Awful AI-Generated Metal Poster In Their Latest Episode

Ah yes, Metal. The band featuring melted Kiss. My favorite.

Photo via Ghoul's Instagram

The second episode of True Detective: Night Country aired on January 21 and the fine folks in Ghoul noticed something a little… off about one of the background posters. Namely that it's an AI-generated piece of garbage meant to mimic an actual metal poster.

Upon closer inspection, you'll notice that the band name is Metal in the Metallica font featuring four dudes that look like Kiss got left out in the sun too long. Plus a fifth thing off to the right that could be melted Jar Jar Binks – I'm not sure. Then there are the tour dates, which are 1st Live and 2st Live. Because everyone knows that all good U.S. tours have two dates.

Anyway, to the folks at True Detective: Night Country – I'm positive there are roughly 50,000 underground metal bands that would kill someone to have their poster in the background of one of your episodes. Hell, call the dudes in Ghoul next time.

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