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Tom Araya's Daughter Thinks New SLAYER Is "Eh," Defends Her Dad Against Meme

Posted by on November 6, 2015 at 2:54 pm

Family is everything to Tom Araya, to the point where he claims he sold his soul to Slayer to support them, so when Slayer was nominated for a Grammy a few years back, he decided to take the whole family. It was very touching. The family outing resulted in the above photo, which has been an ongoing meme claiming that his daughter thinks the Slayer frontman is lame.

Well, the meme made it's way back to Reddit, where Araya's daughter is a visitor and she thought it was time to defend her dad, while also throwing some subtle shade at the band's new material:

I was 11 at the time when this picture was taken. Having flash bulbs in your face and 30+ people yelling "LOOK AT ME" can be a little intimidating. I love the old Slayer. Some of the newer stuff is eh. My dad misses being home. He isn't lame. He's been the best dad he can be with our circumstances.

Any questions?

She later clarified:

Don't get me wrong the new stuff is still good music I just prefer the older stuff. You can hear the bass in it compared to now.

She posted photo proof that it was her and the entire thing turned into an impromptu AMA where she revealed a few factoids.

Seasons In The Abyss is her favorite Slayer album. Mine too!

– She considers herself a "mild" metalhead.

– She enjoys Pantera and old school Metallica, as well as Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath, but mostly listens to pop punk like Real Friends and The Wonder Years.

Ultimately, we think Ariel rules for her honestly and take-no-shit attitude. You do not want to mess with Ariel, as her and the rest of her family can kick your ass with all their training.

I briefly met Ariel at the inaugural Revolver Golden Gods when I unsuccessfully tried to get her brother to shout Slayyyer:

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