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Today, Apple AirPods Pro Are On Sale for $199, Their Lowest Price Yet

You can get them for $199 on Amazon

If you were in the market for a set of wireless earbuds, but don't want to sacrifice bass thump, I am a big fan, personally of the Apple AirPods Pro. I was lucky enough to get a pair as a gift, and can't say enough good things about them, except they are pretty expensive – not today though. The AirPods normally go for $250, and are currently on sale for their lowest price yet, $199.

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If you find yourself to be an Apple fanatic, or want to gift a friend, you can grab them on sale for $199 on Amazon. For those on a budget, the regular AirPods are also on sale for $129.

The noise cancelling is almost scary, to the point where I would suggest not leaving it on if you're walking around in public, because it really cancels out most of the sound.

If you're not into it, you can pop into the comments to talk about how much Apple sucks, and everybody should be using Android. A win for all!


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