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iPod Classic Hacked To Run Spotify

Guy Dupont is really impressive.

Long before there was Spotify, you had to walk around the brick-sized iPod Classic in your pocket if you wanted to listen to music. YouTuber Guy Dupont decided he still wanted to walk around with that brick, but jam on some Spotify anyway. The results are really impressive.

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According to Cult of Mac, Dupont pretty much gutted the iPod and replaced its innards with "a Raspberry Pi Zero W board, a new LCD color display, a haptic motor, and a 1,000 mAh rechargeable battery." Even better, he still got everything to work with the iPod's spin wheel.

Gizmodo adds that Dupont had to completely rebuild the click-wheel interface:

With all of Apple’s original hardware gone, Dupont also had to completely recreate the iPod’s scrolling user interface from scratch using Python. While his modernized iPod can now play almost any digital audio format out there, its ability to wirelessly access the entire Spotify library, including search capabilities, is what makes this hack stand out. Aside from the green and black Spotify color theme on screen, this iPod looks like it’s straight from an Apple store in some neighboring dimension where the iPhone never came to be.

Check out a fairly extensive walkthrough of how Dupont accomplished this below.

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