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THE BLACK KEYS Drummer Compares TESTAMENT's Guitar Sound To "A Modem In 1996"

He also tells a hilarious Hulk Hogan anecdote.

He also tells a hilarious Hulk Hogan anecdote.

The Black Keys is a hip rock and roll band with a throwback sound and drummer Patrick Carney has sort of made a name for himself with by being very outspoken with his opinions, so much so that Vice News has given him a segment on their new daily HBO news program called "Patrick Carney's High Standards Music Corner."

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About halfway through the inaugural segment, there is a cut and you hear Patrick say "No metal." A producer off-camera responds "no metal? It's Testament." Carney's face lights up and he says "okay, we might want to listen to that."

There is a cut again and Carney is shown listening to Testament's new single "Brotherhood of the Snake." He listens to a few moments of the song and then goes "I just want to say one thing. You know how hard it is to get your guitar to sound like a modem in 1996?"

Shortly after that, Carney is critiquing the guitar work on the new Lady Gaga single "Perfect Illusion." Of course, one of the guitarists on the track is Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme. Carney then compares the riff to a Hulk Hogan riff and tells a quick hilarious anecdote about how he met Hogan once and Hogan bragged about being a bassist and Hulk saying "these fingers never touched a fret."

You can watch both critiques right here:

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As for Patrick Carney's guitar skills, they're not exactly great:

[Thanks for the tip, Charming Sid]

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