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SYSTEM OF A DOWN's Serj Tankian Responds To Nigerian Wedding Moshing to His Music

Wedding moshing is now acceptable.

A few days ago, we posted a video of a Nigerian wedding going absolutely nuts for System of a Down's "Toxicity." It was a great moment of really fun levity during a year bogged down by pretty awful crap, and now it got even better. System of a Down vocalist Serj Tankian saw the video and retweeted it while voicing his approval.

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Go ahead and watch it again below because man, it's infectiously energetic.

Tankian recently spoke of a truce with drummer John Dolmayan, who he called an ally and revealed was his brother in law after the two of them were sharing a difference of political opinions online.

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Dolmayan has been making headlines for his political commentary lately, including his claim that Donald Trump is "the greatest friend to minorities." He came out against defunding the police and slammed Democrats as "the true bigots" who "can't handle free speech." Tankian for his part posted a cryptic message saying if you like or play in System of a Down and you like Trump, you're a hypocrite. Dolmayan commented a few days later saying he hoped Serj was misunderstood when saying fans who support Trump are hypocrites.

Tankian posted a statement clarifying that he is very close to John despite their political differences. Serj then went on to discuss the reaction online to their commentary. "The amount of online hate and stupidity against him and I are unjustifiable: social media has created an erroneous digital society that partially thrives on this reality. Remember irrespective of the stance, only artists that truly care and are impassioned will risk alienating their base for what they consider the truth. Our dilemma and possible fallacy is that we have two in one band. Some may consider that a weakness but the artistic, political and social dichotomy if not quadrichotomy (not a word) has made [System of A Down] what it is today. Thank you all for reading. We should all do more non-online reading."

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