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LOU REED Knows No One Likes Lulu

So, Lulu came out this week, and people hate it so much, Lou Reed is being threatened. Okay, maybe not actually being threatened, but at least he knows Lulu sucks:

[Fans of Metallica] "are threatening to shoot me, and that's only because I showed up. They haven't even heard the record yet, and they're recommending various forms of torture and death," Lou Reed told USA Today. "I don't have any fans left. After Metal Machine Music (1975), they all fled. Who cares? I'm essentially in this for the fun of it."

The story in the USA Today does go on to say that Lou thinks Lulu is his best work, but acknoledges that everyone hates it, and that no one wants a Lulu Part 2:

"No one wants Lulu Part 2, but on Radio Lou, in my head where I hear these songs, I want more of it."

You can read the entire article on here.

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