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Hurricane Irene's Twitter MVP: Randy Blythe of LAMB OF GOD

For the most part, Hurricane Irene is behind us. This weekend, a good chunk of the eastern seaboard was under attack by the storm. Here is New York, many parts were ordered to be evacuated, which meant that my parents had to stay with me for the night. Luckily, we didn't experience any flooding, but some of our neighbors weren't so lucky. While staying in and staying safe, I was bored out of my mind . As my parents demanded to watch the same loop of worthless on the TV all night, I lurked on Twitter, and amongst the clusterfuck of social commentary, I thought that Randy Blythe was the only one providing useful tweets.

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Blythe, who is in New York tracking vocals for the next Lamb of God record would check in periodically with what the action was like in Queens, as well as helpful tips such as:

"ONCE AGAIN- dont be that asshole out walking & saying "Oh, that was a buncha hype!" & then BLAM! TREE LIMB TO THE FACE! Youll feel STUPID"

Randy was sending out tips on how to deal with the storm, as well as doing checks on parts of the east coast to make sure everybody was alright. All this with a tinge of humor. So Randy, I say thank you to you sir. You really made my night, and I'd like to think you provided some helpful tips to a bunch of strangers who most likely would have done stupid shit had they not read your tweets. Follow Randy: @lambvox

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