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Fronz From ATTILA Has An OnlyFans Now?!?

Posted by on June 14, 2020 at 10:08 am

Attila frontman Chris Fronzak is a businessman first, always exploring new avenues to create passive income, as he described to me when I interviewed him. And diversified he has with tasteless merchtacky cologne, a record label that signs tacky bands, and tacky rap singles. While he previously charged $50 a month for what he called a mentor service, now he's launched a new subscription service – a porn account with the service OnlyFans.

Onlyfans is a website, similar to Patreon, where fans can pay a monthly subscription to get access to a content from a publisher (in this case Fronz). Unlike Patreon, Onlyfans allows adult content to be posted, and that's what Fronz is doing. While the average monthly fee is about $10, Fronz – ever the smart business man, is undercutting the price, charging only $7.50 a month.

I guess with touring not being an option for the immediate future, Fronz figured he might as well start documenting his lifestyle for some extra passive income.

I did not actually subscribe to the Onlyfans to see what Fronz posts, but based on the Twitter account (NSFW) Fronz created to advertise the content, it seems he has footage of him participating in trysts with girls, but also he is not above showing off his own body as well. Whatever gets folks to subscribe, I guess?

Fronz faced a bit of criticism from noted arch rival, Buddy Nielsen of Senses Fail, who is accusing Fronz of exploiting women. The criticism recieved pushback from adult performer Rocky Emerson, who argued that Nielsen is trying to shame sex workers, which Nielsen is denying. You can read that whole drama unfold here.

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