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The Evolution of Hands At Concerts

Posted on November 15, 2010

I went to see Suicidal Tendencies last night (who were great) and true story: The girl next to me spent the entire show focused on taking photos of the band with her digital camera. Every photo looked exactly the same, but it didn't stop her from taking a new one every 30 seconds. It's not like we were by the photo pit even. There was a far distance between us and Cyco Miko. This is something I see far too often at shows. A band is about to come on and immediately, everybody whips out their phone or Flip cam to start documenting the show as opposed to experiencing it. Granted, it's a little ironic for a guy who's site is all about concert bootlegs to be bitching about such things, but sometimes a guy just wants to watch a show live as opposed to through the 20 viewfinders in front of him. Anyway, this rant is all due to this new image that Gizmodo found today that I feel is rather accurate…

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