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Dogs Love Classical Music, Hate Death Metal

Lori Kogan who is in the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and a licensed psychologist did a study on whether dogs were metal or not. Actually that's a lie. Lori was performing behavioral studies on the effects different genres of music had on dogs.

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Kogan's study involved playing different genres of music for forty-five minutes and taking behavioral observations every five minutes. The study suggests that classical music appears to calm dogs more than any other genre while heavy metal induces shaking and increased anxiety levels. My question is what heavy metal bands did she play because quite frankly listening to Slipknot and Killswitch Engage makes me shake and increases my anxiety levels too.

Kogan's study gives shelters a way to create a more positive environment for dogs without increasing costs, which is good because we like dogs but bad because we like heavy metal.

I would also like to know what breeds the study included because I know when I trap my dog in the car…I mean take my dog for a ride, she enjoys listening to all my death metal records. She shows me her appreciation by digging her head under the seats and shaking violently…oh wait, damn it!

I bet the study didn't include the most metal breed of dogs…PUGS!!!

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