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Comedian LEWIS BLACK Opened His New Special With An "Enter Sandman" Bit

"I really wish I was even half as excited as you are."

LEwis Black

Comedian Lewis Black recently posted his entire new special named Tragically, I Need You to YouTube, and Metallica fans are gonna love the first joke. Black hypes up the audience with Metallica's anthemic "Enter Sandman", only to take the stage and make a crack about being one low-energy "aging Jew" instead of something exciting.

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Though if you're familiar with anything Black has ever done (and you should be), you'd expect something like this from the dude.

"I'm really thrilled at the level of excitement you're bringing this evening. Tone it down. You know, I really wish I was even half as excited as you are. I think that music, I mean it's great, but it's over the top. It creates an expectation in this room. You hear this and you get fucking pumped and you think, 'What's gonna come out?' Jugglers and sword swallowers and fire eaters and gymnasts and fucking wild animals even, jaguars and tigers… and then just one aging Jew wanders on the stage."

Oh, and don't worry – Black absolutely lives up to the energy of "Enter Sandman" throughout his special. Black is fiery as he's ever been all throughout, and it's absolutely worth a watch. Plus it's available for free right below, so there's really no excuse.

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