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Burger King's Metal-As-Fuck Black Burger Turns Your Poop Green; Here's The Proof!

Last week, we informed you that Japan's very metal black burger was actually coming to the US (sans squid cheese). Turns out, it was officially launched at the top of the month, late last week and over the weekend people started reporting some interesting side effects.

Namely, eating the black burger, which uses food coloring to get the bun extra black… turns your poop green.

Green poop! Metal?! I don't know. I didn't really believe it, even though there are countless tweets about it, until one person took the mantra of pic or it didn't happen too far. Are you ready to see green poop?


I'm not sure you are ready.



Seriously, we're gonna show it.



Okay, I warned you…



Fine, here it is…




The weird thing is I'm not bothered by this. I still wanna try this burger. How about you?

[via Elite Daily]

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No squid ink for us Americans, but we do get the black bun!