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Burger King's Metal-As-Fuck Black Burger Is Coming To The US In Time For Halloween

No squid ink for us Americans, but we do get the black bun!

No squid ink for us Americans, but we do get the black bun!

Last year, we all collectively lost our shit to the news that Burger King would be producing "kuro" (Japanese for black) burgers. It was one of our most shared stories of 2014, so we figured you might be curious about the news that the burger is making it's way to the States next month.

Burger Lad broke the news that the "Halloween whopper" will be the first US burger to feature the infamous bamboo-coal-infused buns. Sadly, the squid-inked cheese will not be making its way to the States. Burger Lad reports this is what the U.S. version will look like:


Update: Burger King has since confirmed that it will be releasing the A-1 Halloween Whopper, and it will feature A1 instead of ketchup. Here's the promo for it:


Last year, when the burger was released in Japan, our buddy Gunface of the Red Chord made sure to try it while on tour. His report? "This was not good"

A video review found by Dangerous Minds showcases similar reports:

So, what do you think? Are you going to try the Halloween whopper next month?

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