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A Venue Handed Out Reminders Not To Mosh At A Recent Hardcore Show

…so why is everyone there again?


Ah yes, the time-tested practice of going to a hardcore show, shaking hands with your fellow concert goers, and then standing perfectly still like department store mannequins during the set. People do that, right? Because wherever the hell One Step Closer recently played certainly wants that to be the common practice.

According to One Step Closer's Twitter, a venue was handing out slips of paper that read "no moshing" on the front with the following on the back: "please do not mosh, spin, surf, or dance n a way that disturbs other people's experience. Failure to comply may result in ejection from the show. Thank you for your cooperation."

Throwing people out of a show because they're being a genuine menace is one thing, but tossing anyone that you feel is dancing in any slight way you don't like is total insanity. Maybe it wasn't actually the venue handing out these slips, but the one anti-mosher from the Trophy Eyes comment section? Who knows. Probably not.

And if you're wondering if you could resist the mosh at a One Step Closer, check out their July 2022 shows below. You'll come to the obvious conclusion of "definitely not."

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