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Upcoming Releases

Jerry Cantrell has been plenty busy recently. The legendary Alice In Chains guitarist revealed he's completed a new solo record, his first since 2002....

Weekly Injection

Plus releases from Terror, Sullen, Winterfall, Baest, Acid Mammoth, and A Day To Remember.

Injection Reflection

Another week closer to live shows, but not just yet! 1. Jazz Drummer Hears METALLICA's "Enter Sandman" Once, Plays It Perfectly 2. 10 Metal...

Caption Contest

First thing's first: Last week's winner! Congratulations to Bob Frapples, who had the best zinger: Now for this week's fun photo to caption… take a...

Metal Merch

You might occasionally see a double-neck guitar, and a triple neck guitar, and sure we've seen those quadruple neck guitars in the movies and...

Full Album Stream

A surprise that is no surprise at all – Krallice have surprise released a new album, Demonic Wealth, via the band's Bandcamp page. Surprise...

Latest News

"I text with Adam D. here and there, and we always talk about it."


If You Missed It…

Shocking Revelations

Godsmack's Sully Erna has been known to have some wild and unsubstantiated beliefs about the current pandemic. You may recall, last July, he said...

Shocking Revelations

Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello revealed an interesting piece of trivia during his recent appearance on The Howard Stern Show – he...

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