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Yes, the Chris Jericho band.


Boombox, the latest album from Fozzy, finds Chris Jericho and company delivering catchy, high-octane hard rock/metal.

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No seriously, Chris Jericho is on a rollercoaster.

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There's a new band out on the streets, and they have some big guns in the band. The Wheelblocks is now a thing and...

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A catchy earworm.


Don't do drugs and try to mess with Chris Jericho.

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Taylor and Fozzy delivered and then some.

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Fozzy's latest album Judas is still tearing up the charts, and the band have a catchy new single called "Burn Me Out.: I will admit...

Music Videos

Fozzy is on the biggest run of their career, with their previous single "Judas" blowing up the charts. The band is following up with...


When I first started this podcast, one guest I knew I had to get on here is the epitome of the intersection between metal...

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For $12,500, you can go with 'em to all three gigs on their jet.

br00tal Comedy

“If you’re out there watching, please don’t ask me to put you on The List because you can’t request to be on The List.”

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It definitely has a late 80s LA metal vibe, where the song would fit right in during a Decline of Western Civilization-like night of debauchery...