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SLAYER's Kerry King Explains To Incels How He Had "Sex With Hundreds of Women" on The Jim Jefferies Show

Have you heard the term "incel" yet? It's short for "involuntarily celibate" and it's basically a bunch of (predominantly) young white guys who can't get laid and put the blame on women for their problems, as opposed to realizing it's because they are terrible people and sexiest enough to believe that hot women owe them their bodies. On last night's edition of The Jim Jefferies Show, hosted by comedian (you guessed it) Jim Jefferies, he had an incredible, in-depth segment on the problems incels are causing, including going on murderous rampages.

Jefferies concluded his segment with a monologue explaining that he was once involuntarily celibate as well and explained he learned the craft of comedy which now helps him get laid "fives of times a year." He then brought out Kerry King to explain how a man as "handsome" as King was able to sleep with hundreds of women in his lifetime. Watch the King moment above and the entire segment below:

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Posted by Metal Injection on May 2, 2018 at 4:50 pm

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