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KISS Now Sell *Official* Air Guitar Strings, Seriously

Posted by on February 20, 2017 at 5:34 pm

KISS are no strangers to merchandise that pushes the line of good taste, from overpriced masks to wine, to caskets and urns to disturbing looking condoms, KISS proves there is no product too crappy to have their logo on it.

But this next product is so insane, and pointless that it's almost come back around to being sorta genius. KISS is selling air guitar strings now:

Of course, the joke is you don't need strings to air guitar, so any KISS fan or friend/family member of a KISS fan looking for a gag gift would literally be buying an empty plastic bag with a small cardboard print that says KISS Air Guitar Strings.

The price? A measly $3.99 – I guess it could be worse. If this was $20 that would be really insane. But I guess $4 is the price point they felt where people wouldn't mind burning their cash on a bad joke.

You know these things are gonna sell too!

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