Shocker: NECROPHAGIST Drummer Says The Band Is Dead

Unlike bands such as Tool, Wintersun, and Metallica, Necrophagist has shown next to no signs of life at all in recent years. The last two pieces of coverage we have regarding Necrophagist was in 2014 when people seemed to believe that some photoshopped piece of art was definitely the cover of the next Necrophagist record, and in 2013 when drummer Romain Goulon said the band definitely wasn't dead.

The latter is actually sort of funny, considering now in 2016 Goulon pretty much says the band is dead and needs a coffin. Goulon, who has yet to officially record with the band, responded to some fan inquries about the future of the band and it does not look good…

Right. Is anyone really surprised? It's been 12 years since the band's last release, Epitaph and we haven't heard as much as a peep about new music.

Greg Kennelty :