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You'd Swear COREY TAYLOR Guested On This New VENDED Single "The Far Side"

It's an aggressive one.

Vended is back with a new single "The Far Side" featuring screams from Griffin Taylor that you'd swear are actually from his father, Corey. The cleans are obviously a different beast, but still. I mean seriously, Griffin's voice has gotten strong as hell over the past few years and those screams are nothing short of gnarly.

"'The Far Side' shows another side of Vended that hasn't been seen before," said Vended of the single. "The focus of this song was pushing our boundaries and abilities to the limit. 'The Far Side' represents a new era of the band; a new level of aggression and rawness.

"It was recorded live in the studio, nothing but raw power and pure energy in the room. It fully encapsulates the intensity you would hear in a live setting. Whether you’re seeing us in a club or an arena, the energy you hear live was put directly into this record."

"The Far Side" is available to stream here.

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Shout out to photographer Alison Webster!