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XII BOAR "Jupiter Aligns" Music Video

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XII BOAR "Jupiter Aligns" Music Video

Some of you may remember XII Boar as the band who blew us away last year with their stunning debut, Pitworthy. The dudes are already back with another album, Beyond The Valley Of The Triclops due out August 12th, and a new album means a new music video. A band who have always been willing to turn it up, this new song perfectly reflects the XII Boar aesthetic and shows us how the band has evolved over the last few years. The video, for the song 'Jupiter Aligns' hearkens back to old school psych horror, with a massive werewolf rocking out to the new track intercut with moments from classic horror movies. I honestly don't have the knowledge of the genre to point out which ones but I'm sure some commenters will give me a much deeper education than I could have ever wanted. The video is fun for all ages though, that's what happens with any rock and roll good time.

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It makes sense though – XII Boar are one of the last truly great rock and roll bands out there and the high energy sound that they have been pushing for so long seems like its finally about to pay off. Having produced their last record at the legendary Skyhammer Studios it feels like the band is starting to push hard for some truly great opportunities. The dudes are opening for Diamond Head at Bloodstock the day after the album drops for Satan's sake. Clearly something good is happening behind the scenes. On a personal note, after years of being a fan of the band (I think they won me over in 2012) I'm ridiculously excited to finally get to see them live in just a few weeks. 'Jupiter Aligns' is one of the strongest tracks off their new record and it makes me excited for where the band is going to go next!

Check it out!

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