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WITCH TAINT Wishes "Death To Death Metal" In New Video

WITCH TAINT Wishes "Death To Death Metal" In New Video

Black metal is the music of the gods.

Witch Taint will release their new album Sons of Midwestern Darkness on April 10, just in case you wondering what that rumble below the earth was. We're premiering the band's music video for "Death to Death Metal" today to prepare you for that coming apocalypse.

"We were very excited to work with the talented Twyford-Rigleys on this incredible video and even more excited to work with all the goats, who were super fun, even when the cameras weren't rolling," said Lance the King of Black Metal. "The sheep, on the other hand, were total dicks most of the time and refused to take any sort of direction whatsoever. Lesson learned."

Pre-order Sons of Midwestern Darkness here.

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