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WITCH TAINT Has A Grim Blast With New Song "Sons Of Satan"

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WITCH TAINT Has A Grim Blast With New Song "Sons Of Satan"

If you're ready to have an insanely good time while simultaneously feeling inadequate about how evil you are, then this new Witch Taint track is for you. The duo – Lance the King of Black Metal and Matthias Backwards – started out as a goof. Now they out-evil everyone in every way possible with their grim-yet-catchy new track "Sons of Satan" alongside a really, seriously fantastic music video. Pepper Kennan makes a cameo as the goatman guitar player. Carpathian Forest guitarist Malphas rips the actual solo on the song.

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Witch Taint will release their new record Sons of Midwestern Darkness on April 10 and you can pre-order that here. The record is 17 tracks of pure devilry and features appearances from members of bands like Venom, Carpathian Forest, and Autopsy.

Witch Taint is also playing a record release show on April 7 at the Mercury Lounge in New York, NY.

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Not specifically with a witch's taint.

There's also a Witch Taint song in there.