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WITCH TAINT Goes Through "Changes (A Little Less Time For Satan)"

They're very serious black metal.

Witch Taint, the duo consisting of Lance the King of Black Metal (rumored to actually be comedian and musician Dave Hill) and Matthias Backwards (rumored to actually be comedian and musician Phil Costello), recently released their black metal opus Sons of Midwestern Darkness. The band is now streaming their extremely brutal and grim song "Changes (A Little Less Time For Satan)" alongside an incredibly desolate music video.

"When we wrote 'Changes (a Little Less Time for Satan),' we knew we had written one of the greatest songs of all-time, but we had no idea we had also written an anthem for 2020 that will probably unite the whole world and stuff, which is awesome. Also, it's the only song we know of to successfully rhyme 'brutal' with 'garbage removal,' so we're pumped about that too. Hail Satan," said Lance the King of Black Metal.

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