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WITCH CASKET's Video For "Punishment" Was Filmed In The 1950s On A Variety Show

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WITCH CASKET's Video For "Punishment" Was Filmed In The 1950s On A Variety Show

At least it sure looks like it does, and nobody ever lies on the Internet.

Witch Casket released their new EP Hatred Index earlier this year and are already geared up to release a new album called Punishment on October 15. The band brings forth some pretty heavy melodic black metal and have taken that sound to the one place where it makes the most sense – a variety show in the 1950s. Y'know, like The Beatles when they were debuting all their heavy stuff!

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Here's what director and band vocalist Drogoth had to say about the video.

“This was just one of those weird concepts that just popped into my head one evening, and I became obsessed with it and had to make it happen. Basically, I was listening to an oldies rock station, and I started thinking about what it would look like if a Death Metal band was featured on a British Pop Music TV Show. A lot of the art direction ideas came from the first appearance of The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan show in 1964. I used that as a visual target and put the rest together with my own ideas. I needed a period appropriate band to open the video to add contrast, so I elicited the help of my buddies from the Rockabilly band ”SoCal Rocket Dynamics” to play the opening act. British actor Scott Butler is also a friend who I thought was perfect for the role of the Host. It was a really fun project and I sincerely enjoyed getting all of these incredibly talented artists together to make something cool!”

Pre-order Punishment here.

[via MetalSucks]

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