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Joey Jordison

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Watch: WEDNESDAY 13 Pays Tribute To His Former Bandmate JOEY JORDISON Live

Both were in Murderdolls for the band's whole career.

Wednesday 13 paid tribute to the late and great Joey Jordison on stage in Albuquerque, NM. Wednesday 13 and Jordison were both a part of Murderdolls, who put out two records over their fairly short career – Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls in 2002 and Women And Children Last in 2010.

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"This part of the show I'd like to make some noise for our brother Joey Jordison. He left us far too soon. He was one of the most talented people I ever met. And he's the reason any of you guys know who I am. So we picked a couple of songs, some of my favorite songs we liked to play with Joey. We're gonna take it back about 12 years ago to the Women And Children Last. This is called 'Nowhere'."

Jordison said in an interview in 2018 he had been in touch with Wednesday 13 and that there was new Murderdolls sitting around. Jordison sadly passed away in 2021 and the Murderdolls reunion never happened.

"It's cool that I've been talking to Wednesday recently, but I can't disclose anything [about a possible reunion]. Never say never, man – I mean, that's life. It's kind of funny, 'cause we have a bunch of songs that have been written and a bunch that are ready to go.

"Timing is everything, man – not necessarily anything about, 'Oh, we need to do this to impress people,' or, 'We need to put out this record or do something like that.' Timing in life is everything, so we'll see. Only time will tell."

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