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Watch VENOM PRISON Blast Through A Six-Song Set

Live Footage

Watch VENOM PRISON Blast Through A Six-Song Set At A Tiny, Packed Bar

They rip harder live than on record, clearly.

Venom Prison recently unleashed their new record Samsara and are celebrating with their first 2019 live performance. Bonus points because it's in a super tiny bar at a show put on by Kerrang! in their The K! Pit series. Here's the setlist and timestamps for the show, should you absolutely need to skip any of this set.

0:23 – Matriphagy
4:10 – Corrode The Black Sun
8:56 – Uterine Industrialisation
13:41 – Deva's Enemy
15:02 – Asura's Realm
19:24 – Implementing The Metaphysics Of Morals

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