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Watch This 160-Piece Worldwide Orchestra Perform IRON MAIDEN's "Fear Of The Dark"

It's beautiful!

Ulf Wadenbrant, Conductor of the Sweden Symphony Orchestra (Sweden) and Principal Guest Conductor for the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra (Russia), usually travels the globe and conducts musicians in a wide range of concerts. Obviously that hasn't been happening ue to the pandemic, but Wadenbrant managed to find a workout.

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Wadenbrant, alongside 160+ musicians around the world, managed to collaborate digitally for a stunning cover of Iron Maiden's classic track "Fear Of The Dark".

"I want to highlight how important music and culture are in these difficult times. Music makes you feel good and helps to develop people. We need to show the world that we are needed and must get to play. I have gathered everyone from absolutely world class musicians and excellent music teachers to talented amateurs and students from music and cultural schools from all over the world. I want to show the value of diversity and emphasise how everyone is important in the ecosystem of music," he said..

Musicians from as far afield as the Dortmund Philharmonic to Brazil, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Argentina, China and the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra in New Zealand joined in on the cover, and you can check it out in all its glory above!

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