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O'Keefe Korn Cover Blind

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Watch This 10 Year Old Destroy KORN's "Blind" On Vocals

The O'Keefe Music Foundation strikes again!

The O’Keefe Music Foundation is back once again, this time with an all-star band of kids crushing Korn's classic track "Blind". This time around, the band is:

  • Vocalist Colt Shedden (Age 10)
  • Lead guitarist Xander Markewich (Age 10)
  • Rhythm guitarist Alex Sutherland (Age 17)
  • Drummer Jacob Wehn (Age 17)
  • Bassist Noah Williams (Age 17)

"Recorded entirely in a garage, the kids' rendition of 'Blind' by Korn proves that you don't need a fancy studio when the band is composed of 5 insanely talented kids from around the country!" said The O’Keefe Music Foundation. "And since this was recorded during the height of the pandemic, OMF instituted our crazy, over-the-top COVID precautions. Unmasked singer in a quarantine cage? Check. Gas masks? Check. Kids playing hopscotch in Tyvek chemical suits? Check.

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"As always, OMF would like to thank the crew. And of course a big thanks to our donors who made this recording and video completely FREE for the kids ? To music lovers everywhere, please consider donating to OMF so kids from around the country can PLAY. REAL. MUSIC."

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