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Check Out These Teens Crushing PANTERA's "5 Minutes Alone"

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Watch: These Teens Crush PANTERA's "5 Minutes Alone"

The O’Keefe Music Foundation strikes again.

The ids participating in the O’Keefe Music Foundation have given us some truly killer covers of artists like Tool and Slipknot over the years. This time around they've given us a cover of Pantera's "5 Minutes Alone" and, as has always been the case, it kicks ass.

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Here's a list of the kids in the cover from the O’Keefe Music Foundation, should you want to follow their promising musical careers!

Drums / Zach Halverson / Age 15
Instagram: zhalverson903 &
Vocals / Kaden Karns / Age 16
Sam Ruether / rhythm guitar / Age 13
Facebook: @samrguitar / Instagram: @samruether
Bass / Bailey Couch / Age 17
Lead Guitar / Ethan Olzak / Age 15
Instagram: @ethankwonguitar

Learn more about the foundation here.

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