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Watch These Kids Crush SLIPKNOT's "The Heretic Anthem"

The O' Keefe Music Foundation is back at it.

The O'Keefe Music Foundation is back with a pretty killer cover of Slipknot's "The Heretic Anthem." Special shout out to vocalist Zoë Franziska for doing an excellent job with this one (and the Korn shirt), though all the kids certainly crushed it!

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"Remember when 8 year old Zoë knocked out her first OMF cover, 'Freak on the Leash' by Korn ???? Well, nearly 4 million views later, Zoë is back and SLAYING 'Heretic Anthem' by Slipknot!" said the O'Keefe Music Foundation of the cover. "But WARNING: Zoë is so intense that your screen might catch on fire ???? You might have nightmares if you look into her eyes ???? And you might begin to think that Corey Taylor needs a vocal coach. A vocal coach named Zoë Franziska!!!!

"In fact, the entire band is delivering such a ferocious performance that it almost looks like they are trying to show Slipknot how to do their job!!!

"No guitar solo, no prob. Cuz 12 yr old Xander Markewich from Alaska wrote one!! Then with Connor Meintel and Calli Dressen playing tight as can be, 17 yr old Evan Harris was able to lay down some heavy yet melodic drumming. And because a song like this can never be too heavy, Parker, Philip, Isabella and Brady recorded 2 beer kegs, the OMF Garbage Can of Doom and the OMF Wheelbarrow of Wonder. Finally, the song needed a bit of sparkle so Brianna Montante recorded the chimes ….with a CHAINSAW!!!

"Due to limited funds, OMF was unable to book a professional recording studio. So back to the garage we went! So here it is, proof that you can record a crushing song in your garage.

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"As always, a huge thanks to the students for all their hard work and to their parents for making this trip possible! And finally, we are very grateful to all our donors whose generosity made this recording and video completely FREE for the kids ???? To music lovers everywhere, please consider donating to OMF so kids from around the country can PLAY. REAL. MUSIC."

You can grab the cover here on Bandcamp.

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