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Machine Head Ahrue Luster

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ROBB FLYNN Reunited With AHRUE LUSTER To Play Through MACHINE HEAD's The Burning Red

They skipped the Police cover.

Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn reunited with former guitarist Ahrue Luster to play through the band's entire 1999 album The Burning Red late last week. The Burning Red turns 23 years old on August 1, so the timing is excellent! Flynn also points out in the description of the stream that the duo dive into some Supercharger tracks, as well as Sepultura and Iron Maiden covers. It's also worth noting that usual livestream participant (and band bassist) Jared MacEachern recorded his parts from home as he deals with having COVID, and that the duo skip their cover of The Police's "Message In A Bottle."

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"Come join Robb and The Burning Red/Supercharger era guitar player, Ahrue Luster, to celebrate 23 years of The Burning Red with a full and in correct running order album play thru.

"Reuniting for the first time in nearly 20 years, Robb and Ahrue bring you crushing renditions of the album's ten original songs, so you can expect to hear contemporary live classics like 'From This Day' and 'The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears,' alongside deepcuts 'Devil With The King's Card' and 'I Defy' and the emotionally heavy 'Five" and the title track.

"And if that wasn't enough, Robb and Ahrue, treat us to some select Supercharger tracks and tour covers like 'Bulldozer,' 'Crashing Around You,' Sepultura's 'Roots Bloody Roots' and Iron Maiden's 'The Number of the Beast'

"Special shout out to Jared, who despite contracting Covid, managed to record his bass parts whist convalescencing at home, so although his presence is missed the killer audio quality remains the same as normal.

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Beers Up!!"

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