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Watch OBITUARY Play Cause Of Death In Full From A 2020 Show

From a show in Australia.

As we all await a new Obituary record, YouTube channel Riff Crew has posted the band playing their entire Cause Of Death album in full at Max Watts in Melbourne, Australia from January 18, 2020. The whole show rips and features a few classic tracks bookending the entire album performance. As for the band themselves, it's Obituary – they kill it live.

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1:54 Redneck Stomp
5:51 Sentence Day
8:40 A Lesson in Vengeance
12:53 Straight to Hell
17:56 Infected
23:50 Body Bag
30:36 Chopped in Half
36:15 Circle of the Tyrants
41:52 Dying
47:13 Find the Arise
50:31 Cause of Death
56:55 Memories Remain
1:01:32 Turned Inside Out
1:09:52 I'm in Pain
1:15:13 A Dying World
1:18:33 Slowly We Rot

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