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Watch KITTIE's Entire Club Set After Their Festival Slot Got Cancelled

Making the best of a bad situation.

The first night of the When We Were Young festival was recently cancelled due to high winds, meaning Kittie wasn't able to play their set. The band (as a lot of other bands scheduled for that night) made the best of a bad situation by booking a last-minute show at the Sand Dollar, which you can check out in full above! The show ran as follows:

  1. "Cut Throat"
  2. "Oracle"
  3. "Spit"
  4. "What I Always Wanted"
  5. "Mouthful of Poison"
  6. "Charlotte"
  7. "Burning Bridges"
  8. "Brackish"
  9. "We Are the Lamb"
  10. "Never Again"

In a recent interview with MetalSucksKittie frontwoman Morgan Lander said she has a "whole phone full" of riffs that could be used for new Kittie material, and that rehearsals for their recent festival appearances have opened the door to the possibility to new music.

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"I have a whole phone full of riffs that I'm, like, 'I think I could probably use these.' And preparing for these shows has obviously opened up that door a little more and sort of motivated me to do that stuff — be more creative and write. But I don't have a deadline."

"I feel like it's tough to focus on getting back up to speed with the tour and then also write at the same time. Everybody's navigating their jobs and family stuff and all that, so that's always tough. So I feel like it's kind of like one focus at a time. But we definitely won't stop playing shows. I think we'll be really choosy about doing some festivals and things like that. But I do have maybe kind of a skeleton timeline I'd like to have some of these ideas put forth by. I think new music in 2024 would be really cool."

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Live Footage

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