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Watch JESUS PIECE Level A Small Venue In Brooklyn

Live Footage

Watch JESUS PIECE Level A Small Venue In Brooklyn

Jesus Piece fucking brings it.

Jesus Piece made some serious waves with their debut full-length Only Self in 2018. Mostly because it brings furious mosh riffs with deadly conviction the whole way through, and the music is plenty interesting outside the pummeling aspects. Now Kerrang! has kicking off their new series K! Pit, where bigger bands play the tiny venue The Gutter in Brooklyn, NY, and with a half an hour Jesus Piece set.

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So yeah. Watch Jesus Piece fuck the place up and check out the setlist with timestamps below.

0:07 – Greed
3:08 – Punish
6:03 – Curse of the Serpent
8:22 – Lost Control
9:50 – Sinking
13:46 – Dog No Longer
16:18 – Neuroprison
19:15 – Conjure Life
23:32 – Oppressor

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