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Watch Jazz Drummer FRANK BELLUCI's Unique Jazzy Spin On ROB ZOMBIE's "Dragula"

Jazz drumming skills meet industrial metal rhythm complexity.

We are big fans of the Drumeo series where they throw songs at drummers who have never heard the music before, and ask them to play the track in their own style.

Their most recent one finds jazz aficionado and versatile drummer Frank Bellucci taking an unexpected turn in his musical journey, by diving into the realm of heavy metal, specifically Rob Zombie's iconic track "Dragula."

And as usual, what makes this endeavor unique is Bellucci's approach in crafting his own interpretation of the song's drum parts. He carefully dissects the original drum parts of "Dragula", incorporating some jazz elements, that infuse the heavy metal anthem with a unique and unexpected groove.

The video not only demonstrates Bellucci's drumming prowess but also highlights the beauty of cross-genre exploration in music. Check it out above.

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